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  1. Incident Date

    Time Of Sighting
    10:30 PM

    UFO Incident Report
    This happened when I went outside it was late, the night was clear. I
    was off and was just looking at the night sky. I saw these aircraft
    flying in perfect formation, one in point, two behind forming a
    perfect triangle(light in every corner). I thought wow these guys are
    good, but the more I stared the more I became confused. There were no
    blinking lights. There was no noise. It or they were totally silent.
    It or they just crept through the night sky. I could not tell if it
    was one giant solid black object or three separate aircraft. I could
    not tell if I was looking through it or not, like it was cloaked or
    something. If you report this on coasttocoastam please don’t mention
    my name. Date and time is approximate.

  2. Published with permission of: Tom and Julia Sparks, NV

    It was during the late 1980’s just after I married my wife, when my wife and I planned a trip to my ex father in laws small ranch in the middle of Gabbs valley. With no one there at the time, it would be a perfect getaway for the both of us. After work we loaded up the Ranchero pickup with what we needed to take and we planned to be there later that night. Driving along highway 50 we turned off the road toward Gabbs on to route 361. It was dark by then and uneventful until my wife pointed out a bright light on the right side of the truck just above the hills. At first I thought it may be a helicopter with a light on. So I decided to pull over and get a better look. The last thing I remember was turning off the truck and getting out. I don’t remember any sound coming from the light. And then, there we were, me sitting behind the wheel, driving on the road with both of us wondering what we saw and why we couldn’t remember anything after I got out of the truck. There is no way to tell how much time had passed as we were not meeting anyone upon our arrival. After we got to the house in Gabbs Valley, we unpacked and went to sleep. To this day, we still wonder what happened during the time we could not remember. Tom and Julia Sparks, NV

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    We’re a television production company looking for abductees to potentially interview on our show for a credible US cable channel. A team of investigators, some of which have had experiences themselves, will go out across the States to investigate various cases.

    Have you witnessed something truly extra-terrestrial? We’re seeking subjects for the first season of a new TV show for a leading US cable network. If you live in the USA and have had an extra-terrestrial encounter, seen a UFO, been abducted or witnessed something that has no rational terrestrial explanation then please email us at: This is your chance to have our experts help explore your experience, and bring that experience to a wider audience. Thank you so much for your help, in advance. All the best Olivia

  4. I find it interesting regarding UFO’s appearance in remote areas? Does anyone have info regarding UFO’s in remote deserts of middle east or Siberia?

  5. Richard Lennie (ufologist)

    contact me on Twitter at ( UFOHunter007 ) E-mail me at (
    Richard Lennie (ufologist)

  6. Richard Lennie (ufologist)

    Hi guys just a note to say if you need any info on the latest news regarding u.f.os i be glade to help! Rich Lennnie from the U.K. I hunt u.f.os thru night-vision equipment !! Check me out on RICHPLANET.COM Google my name to see what i have done so far! Thank’s!

  7. Anyone have any thoughts on the strange sounds coming from the sky of beneath the earth?

  8. by the way its 6:23am here i saw it happen just before 6

  9. hi im not sure if other saw it cause it is early here in swansea but i went out for a cig earlier i looked up and there was triangle shaped object in the sky way to low to be a plane and then it stoped then a few others were behind it they stoped then i looked at down the bay area and saw a light going to there either down or up but im not to sure what it was and when i went to get a cam to record it then were gone

  10. Great site! I loved the video on the Web Bot. It will be interesting to see how many of the predictions come true. Keep up the good work.

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