Billy Meier Story

In this true-life Billy Meier story you’ll find controversial answers to the UFO mystery and how Billy as a young Swiss boy met with his first Plejaren teacher Sfath and later with Semjase. This one-armed farmer from Switzerland has produced documents, prophecies, photographs, film footage, sound recordings and even metal samples as evidence of his contact with the Pleiadians.

Skeptics consider him a hoax but scientific scrutiny by others indicate otherwise..Is the story real?. Do the research and decide for yourself.

Billy Meier – First Meeting with Semjase

Billy Meier – First Meeting with Semjase The heart of the Billy Meier material is the spiritual teaching. The beginning of the Pleiadian teachings as revealed by Billy’s first meeting with Semjase have no religious hierarchies, superstitions or rituals like those found in virtually all terrestrial religions. With the Pleiadian …

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