A Most Disturbing Case Of Alien Abduction?

Human MutilationA Most Disturbing Case of Alien Abduction?

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As a child, my favorite entertainment was reading science fiction and looking for UFOs. As my knowlege on the subject of alien abduction grew I became interested in cattle mutilations and started wondering about the possibility of human mutilations. Could the aliens really be evil?. Why would someone travel so far to commit such a horrendous act? Then one day I watched a  movie about a most disturbing case of alien abduction called Fire in the Sky which told a story about how Travis Walton had been captured and taken aboard a UFO to undergo medical tests.  Since the aliens returned him several days later, I conveniently ruled the case an accidental abduction. I didn’t give much more thought to human mutilations again until the late nineties when a human corpse was found in the Guarapinga Reservoir in Brazil.

In this area of Brazil, it was not unusual for an occasional homicide victim to be found in these parts but this corpse stood out from the normal gang related human homicide case. The police officer investigating the case was so puzzled by the evidence and the unusual circumstances of death that he released the coroner’s report to his brother, Zapata Garcia who directly turned the gruesome facts and photos over to the UFO community.

Please keep in mind this information is NOT SUITABLE for young minds.

Butch Witkowski,  a 27 year veteran homicide detective and a MUFON volunteer investigator presents the case for UFO human mutilation.

Butch Witkowski – Part II

Butch Witkowski – Part III

Butch Witkowski – Part IV

The coroner’s report could be summed up as follows: The body was found to be an extremely mutilated human corpse, with several organs removed including the lips, both eyes, part of the jawbone, small intestines, large intestines, and an ear. To further complicated the case, the body parts seem to have been removed using a method unknown to current modern medicine. This case was the first publicly revealed case of possible human abduction that had similar traits to ‘cattle mutilations’, that is, the use of high heat, and all the organs had been remove through a small hole approximately 1.5 inches in diameter in the belly button area and a slightly larger hole near the scrotum and anus area. Without a doubt this is truly a most disturbing case of alien abduction.

We as humans like to think we’re the most intelligent species, but it is quite possible when compared to an advanced alien visitor, we’re nothing more than specimens for their experiments and cataloging of species that inhabit this planet.

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What Is Cattle Mutilation?

Cattle MutilationWhat Is A Cattle Mutilation?

By Kevin E Patrick

Cattle Mutilation, as a phenomenon, has been only exposed to the wider audience of the world in the last 30 to 40 years. While the phenomenon did exist in ranching communities before-hand, it was always dismissed as some natural phenomenon, despite how upsetting it was to the communities that experienced it.

The first documented investigation into Cattle Mutilation, was done by Charles Fort and mentioned in ‘The Book of the Damned.’ Fort’s book, was in reference to those facts and those cases that fell outside of current scientific explanation, and as a result, were disregarded. Fort’s book was the first to be considered a documentation of anomalous events, and is now solidified in our language with the adjective Fortean.

However, despite some initial questions about these strange excisions, they remained rather unknown until 1969, when ranchers from Pueblo, Colorado, made national headlines due to the strange case of mutilation of a local horse named ‘Lady’. The horse was found outside of a ranch, with the vast majority of its flesh hewn straight off the bone. When a ranger came to investigate, he found serious fluctuations with a civil defense Geiger counter, and noted that the horse was like nothing he had seen before. He had even witnessed livestock after having been struck by lightening.

Since this initial mutilation, the phenomenon has become more documented throughout the rest of the United States, and cases have occurred in Europe. Some of the cases, in some few incidents, were related to the actions of a few disturbed individuals. However, the vast majority of cases are still unaccounted for.

What makes these mutilations stand out, even if other demented people can mutilate livestock, is the near surgical precision that most of these unexplained mutilations involve. Bodies are left without muscles, ligaments, and cuts seem straight and sometimes skin singing is apparent. Also, very mysteriously, in more than a few of these cases, the blood from the corpse has been totally drained.

However, the mystery doesn’t just end there. One of the lesser known happenings, is the fact that similar mutilations have happened to a number of people, and not just livestock. The most well-known of these is the case of Guarapiranga Reservoir, where a incredibly mutilated human body was found, devoid of most organs. What was even more striking, was that most of the organs had been removed via holes in the body of the man that were no wider than two inches in diameter. The investigators that originally found the body, at first thought it was an act by the cartels against someone, but the unique way that they organs were removed, as well as the surgical precision, quickly changed their mind. It seemed to them that the body was cut into just to remove organs or specific tissue samples.

While quite a few of these cases have some terrestrial explanation, and often a quite deviant one, we cannot deny that not all can be accounted for. In truth, if they could, or if even a decent percentage beyond a doubt could be, that the phenomenon would not exist. Thus, we must continue to keep our minds and eyes open.

Kevin is a prolific author, and greatly interested in the paranormal. He became inspired by the review of cattle mutilation on Fact or Faked, and felt that the show was too readily able to dismiss a far-reaching and misunderstood phenomenon. He also writes for Contact Blog about UFO sightings