Classified Cosmic Top Secret UFO Cover-up

Retired military insider Retired, Command Sergeant Major Robert O. Dean, military insider, breaks his sworn “National Security” oaths to expose the Classified Cosmic Top Secret UFO cover-up  perpetuated by the US and other governments. He further outlines our cosmic connection to a multitude of highly advanced races of extraterrestrials and our future place in the universe.

Strange Deep Underground Experiences

Strange Deep Underground Experiences – What Is Really Beneath Our Feet? By David Grido You may in the past have come across odd stories, many considered nothing more than ancient legend, about explorers finding huge underground areas the size of small cities. These underground locations would often have strange artifacts, …

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A Secret Underground City Of The Andes?

A Secret Underground City Of The Andes? By Jeff L Hudson A high-tech, secret city has been said to exist in a remote jungle crater in South America. If so, who might the scientists be who run this James Bond-type super fortress? The story begins with the great Italian scientist …

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