Common Ground – The Way to Alien Communication

Pleiades Star SystemCommon Ground – The Way to Alien Communication

By Angelica Downe

I sat at the reclining chair and pushed it back. I had the TV on and I could hear the news going on with the latest. Boring. But not what was about to happen to me.

As I lay down in the chair, I did not want to open my eyes, just rest a little; I still needed some more sleep and I could not start the day yet even though it was 8AM. Seamlessly, I traveled into a different dimension, fully body and mind conscious –and I understood this later. At the time it was real and vivid for me. I was listening to the news broadcast, I could feel the chair and just felt tired and somewhat “heavy” on the head. Then I heard and “saw” my friend at my right side talking to me, she was wearing a pink robe and was asking about something, very normal. I had not opened my eyes, nor my mouth, but somehow I could still talk to and see her. The TV continued broadcasting in the background and I had a short conversation with her, no big deal.

The steps from this same friend coming to say good by awakened me, and I realized that what happened was not real, even though it felt 200% real. The experience was swift and clear. I had shifted to another dimension. I told her, what is it? I was talking to you just now… No, you were not, that was s the answer.

I went back to this meditative state –unplanned– two more times, and each time I awakened to my earthy reality but still haunted by the other reality that I concurrently experienced. I was not in a deep sleep state when any of these occurred; I thought I was still awake and resting, I could hear the TV and feel the chair, think about the news and carry an ongoing conversation in my mind… there was no transition from my full body reality to my “other state” reality.

My mind in the third dimension reality somehow traversed the dimensions and went to another level of reality. There I met someone that in the three occasions looked like 2 different personas and was testing me. The third time, I saw a shadow, a blurry image that kept moving around me, like checking my reaction and understanding of the situation. when I asked him for his name he vanished, upon which I came back to my third dimension, where I anchor my everyday perceptions of my surroundings.

Based on my experiences, It seems we live in a cocoon of increasingly concentric circles of “states” vibrations, some of which we are conscious of, like physical reality or third dimension, and the others, less available to us. We have access to other levels of being in which we can reach other vibrational states and possible alternate worlds and sentient beings; because these worlds are populated with them, no doubt about it.

Among the experiences we can access are states dominated by the Beta, Alpha and Theta vibrations which are all co-existing like concentric rings of awareness. Right now, awake, Beta is prominent– and generated by our brain. We can access other states through sleep and disciplines like meditation. We could use sounds like chanting and drumming, a lost knowledge… perfumes and hypnotic suggestions, symbols–to be discovered, etc.

While awake and while dreaming our consciousness performs in a different way perceiving with different sensors other than our physical ears, eyes and skin. Much study has been done on this vibrations during sleeping and wake states, and extraordinary experiences have been reported by out of the box thinkers that were not afraid to report their findings. We mainly understand and recognize the waking state as valid, and pay little attention to the sleep and hypnogenic states which could bring a wealth of information for our development and ascension to higher states.

The Masters say in Brian Weiss’ Only Love of Real: “Humans think of themselves as the only beings. This is not the case. There are many worlds and many dimensions…”

The Pleiadians say in Earth, Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library (by Barbara Marciniak): “The evolution you are now going through involves the process of building and integrating a light body. Your light body must be tempered, exercised, and stretched to gently bring it into its own awareness.”

We are not fully aware of this “light body” as a child is not aware that he can talk and walk when he is merely crawling out of his bed. I have my suspicions that the physical body will at some point cease to exist — by total destruction of Earth and life as we know it or just plain evolutionary methods- and we will only be able to survive in and using our light body. By exercising the light body now, we will be able to make the transition to a life in the next evolutionary state where aliens, angels and demons exist.

The Pleiadian Connection

The Pleiadians also state: “Rest assured dear friends, that a higher order and purpose exists. Your task is to translate your purpose into your body and onto Earth. This purpose activates a reordering on many layers of existence–all sharing the same now. ”

This speaks to the coexistence of beings in different (vibrational) layers sharing the same moment, the same present. Isn’t this design the epitome of maximization and effectiveness??? As I engineer I had to add this comment for it strikes me as brilliantly conceived,

And know I come to my basic proposition,. The vehicle to alien contact is not a ship nor a telescope or a sound signal into space from SETI. Do you wonder why after so many decades of UFO presence we have not been able to take a verifiable photograph of an alien? A ship? Why are they so elusive? Why we have we not seen them if they are so real, physical? They are not.

They will never be able to just step out of a craft and say “Take me to your leader” because they can’t… Their dimension is not compatible with ours and when they can enter it, they do enter as we enter dreams: for a short time, reality is distorted or not understood (by us) and we communicate at a subconscious level. We tend to forget what we cannot interpret as real as people tend to forget abductions.

That’s because we cannot co-exist at the levels of vibration that they exist and communicate. Our hardware is not wired for that –yet. That is why their communication is always telepathic. That is why there is no physical proof after so many years. Our light bodies are not prepared. No one is going to reach an alien through SETI, but they can be reached though dream states and what science calls “hypnagogic hallucinations” because this is not understood.

As we get deeper into meditation practices and methods to enter these states at will, we will most likely be able to fully and consciously travel into these dimensions and communicate with the beings that dwell in them. Not only we will be able to communicate with the “bad” aliens, but also with those at higher levels that we have called gods and angels in the past, animals that talk and the deceased as well.

We could probably meet our own future self and have a nice jovial telepathic conversation about what we could do in the now to improve our own future. If this sounds exciting; it is, if too provocative, look at the literature and analyze it. Go to the Greek Myths, the holy books of all cultures, like India, Egypt, the Native Americans beliefs and art, etc. This is only the more obvious.

Closer to us, Indian nations have always been aware of the dream state communications and personal quests where they believed to enter the spirit world. I propose this to be the state where dreams do come from, where we meet the aliens and deceased, where we can fly and do extraordinary things in the light body.

In order to get on with their missions on Earth, The alien have constructed androids that have the same physical properties that all matter has in our dimension– They are used to come in and gather information, take samples, change crops, humans and animal DNA, prove theories and change our biology… persuade us to think and envision other realities; they are here to symbolize the future and make us aware there are so many things outside the way we cannot perceive yet. This is no New Age thinking. This is reality. Similarly, alien crafts are made in the same manner to be able to come in and out of our dimension, so they appear and disappear at will, not been able to be well photographed or taken physically to our “command controls”.

Aliens dwell in different, higher or lower dimensions–and this does not necessarily mean better. I stress this because we should not be fooled. There are layers and layers of good and evil everywhere as well. The astral planes both surrounds and permeates the physical plane. It is right here and now, able to be tapped into at any time. It is the common meeting ground for ET Contact, and this is the reason why many Encounters take place when the experiencer is either asleep or else in a slightly altered state.

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