Anasazi Disappearance

AnasaziAnasazi Disappearance

Somewhere around 600 -1300 AD, a civilization settled in north America in the areas now encompassed by New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona. They were called the Anasazi, a prehistoric cliff dwelling tribe of native American Indians. They farmed, used bows and arrows for weapons, wove baskets and baked pottery. They built large architectural dwellings in the sides of mountains. Then suddenly, around 650 years ago, their entire civilization vanished, leaving behind their tools, belongings and valuables. Research has failed to reveal a cause for the Anasazi disappearance.

The Anasazi civilization was far more advanced than any other tribe of Indians. Their pueblo style of house for example is reflected in modern day architecture. Some believe they may be the ancestors of the Hopi people. Their agricultural society, tools, weapons, and living standards are in sharp contrast to all other tribal communities in the American southwest. They developed no written language but left pottery, tools, stone paintings and carvings throughout the region. Scientists offer three basic theories for the mysterious Anasazi disappearance:


Recorded history states that around 1100 AD there were great droughts in the area where the Anasazi lived. These droughts either killed off the entire population or caused the Anasazi to migrate away from the region. Supposedly, the journey to a new location without tools or food caused them to change their appearance, their culture, their art and their religion. However, recent findings by climatologists suggest that the drought during that time period was no where near as severe as scientists had previously believed and certainly not severe enough to cause a nation of people to abandon their homes.


Another great tribe may have attacked the Anasazi causing them to scatter over several modern day states. History does not record a battle siege large enough to destroy an entire nation of people since mass graves have never been unearthed. The conquerors did not loot possessions, take women and children nor disturb buried bodies. The facts do not support the conflict extinction theory.

Alien Connection

Could aliens have abducted an entire population? Most will scoff at such an explanation but the Anasazi are not the only ancient civilizations to disappear without a trace. Take for example the Mayans, the Atlanteans and the builders of Easter Island. Some theorize that the Anasazians were themselves aliens of the planet and temporarily lived here until returning to their home world. Their advanced society and sudden exodus could very well make this far-fetched theory the most plausible explanation.