Warning – Two Questions To Ask About The Nephilim

Nephilim Is There a Nephilim Conspiracy?

Conspiracy can be defined as an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons. So what would the Nephilim do if they were conspiring against us? Would this be against the human race, or against people who live in the United States? In my research, a great deal of Nephilim conspiracy stems from a fascination with UFOs. Furthermore, Genesis mentions that the Nephilim were in the earth in those days (at the time of Noah and the flood) and AFTER. What is interesting is that the Bible never mentions that the Nephilim were eradicated. So it is very easy to then assume that they can indeed still be roaming the earth today. Many can also point to biblical passages that they believe reference aliens, tying these beings back to the Nephilim. An actual conspiracy is up to individual interpretation.

John Freeman explores ancient mysteries and the return of the Nephilim.

Can We Anticipate a Return of the Nephilim?

This is a loaded question. First, it can only be answered if you believe that the Nephilim did once exist, in the timeframe before the great flood. One theory about the flood is that God allowed the flood in order to wipe out the human race (except for Noah), because the bloodline had been tainted by this hybrid Nephilim race. A popular theory about the Nephilim is that they were aliens; however the Bible does not mention in any way that the Nephilim were aliens. However, many people do believe the Nephilim are aliens, and they also believe that aliens are among us now, thus the Nephilim can be among us now. In these troubling times, it is easy to wonder if we are in the End Times, and if the Nephilim would be around during this pivotal time in history.

This article just touches on the topic of the Nephilim. Theories abound about these unique creatures. It makes for fascinating reading, both from a truth standpoint, and purely from a fictional, entertainment standpoint.

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