Extraterrestrials And The New World Order

New World Order CoinExtraterrestrials and the New World Order

By Patrick Bolling

Before my eyes were opened by pure scientific evidence, I was a skeptic. I didn’t believe anything out of the ordinary like UFOs, aliens, and government conspiracies. To put it bluntly, I admit to being a media sheep. Once I started seeing proof for things you never see in the media, I realized a few things about how our world operates. First, the media is probably more biased than any organization that exists, the government (or the puppet masters behind it) controls what the media dispenses, the government decides what to teach in public schools (indoctrination), and the government by its very nature cares nothing for the people.

False Flag Alien Invasion Part 1 describes a conspiracy scenario of a coming false flag UFO alien grey invasion.

It started with the UFO phenomenon, and then it moved to political conspiracy theories. Each new topic that revealed itself led me further and further into the realization that the United States government has been usurped by financial interests since the Civil War when the Banking Reform Act was passed. This precursor to the Federal Reserve Act started the ball rolling on a monetary system that would be adopted into law in 1913 and begin the gradual stripping of freedom from the people.

False Flag Alien Invasion Part 2 is a continuation video to False Flag Alien Invasion Part 1 describing a conspiracy scenario of alien invasion.

Notice that all of the world wars took place After the Federal Reserve act. War is the best thing that can happen to a privately owned central bank because it forces the government to borrow more and more currency to win the war. This is mostly a topic for another discussion but I bring it up for a specific reason. I want to relate that the financial elements of the government pursue war for monetary profit. This in itself is not related to UFOs or aliens but I want to make a correlation. False flag operations have been carried out all through history to carry the United States into war with the approval of the public. There are examples in nearly every conflict but I’ll focus on the famous ones.

Pearl Harbor pulled us into World War II and 9/11 has been realized as the new Pearl Harbor called for in the ‘Project for a New American Century’. Each stage of military escalation seems to bring with it a new stage of liberty erosion. The financial elitists can not have a free and powerful populous if they want to create their One World Government. The Patriot Act has gutted the Bill of Rights and the Real ID Act is attacking state sovereignty all in response to 9/11. Each new level of oppression and consolidation requires some sort of emergency to scare the people into acquiescence.

So now, a new theory comes to mind. As nations are consumed under the European Union, the North American Union, etc; there will need to be a new catalyst to force the people of the world to accept a ‘One World Government’. The only thing that comes to mind as this sort of catalyst is unification against an extraterrestrial boogey man. Could it be that all of this secrecy and hushed up UFO misinformation and actual intelligence are both planned to create a sense of acceptance amongst the people of the idea that creatures from another planet exist, and they may not be friendly? One thing that I’ve noticed from studying the ‘One World Government’ guys is that they are patient. Could it be that their fathers began planning all of this so many years ago to bring about a world dictatorship under the guise of a unified world against alien invasion? The ultimate false flag operation: Build secret military aircraft unlike any every flown before and use them to attack the innocent and beguile us all into the ‘solution’ they will offer as the salvation of man.