Black Triangle UFO Mystery Sightings

Black Triangle UFOBlack Triangle UFO Mystery Sightings

By James Hewson

On several evenings starting on the 13th March 1997 residents of Phoenix Arizona observed a significant number of UFO’s which included several Black Triangular shaped craft. Eye witnesses recall the incredible size of the objects some of which descended to a low altitude of around 900-1000 feet. Witnesses describe the lack of any notable noise being emitted from the objects. Also of note was the admission by some witnesses that they also observed military jets presumably from the local Luke Air Force Base, attempting to intercept the UFO’s.

To offer some coherent explanations of these strange UFO craft is not easy in these individual cases however, it would be sensible to consider the secretive experimental military crafts such as the Northrop Grumman B2 Spirit aircraft often referred to as the Stealth Bomber, which has a design very similar in nature to some of the cases above (triangular shaped craft). In addition, the Lockheed F-117 stealth Nighthawk jet also has similar design characteristics and both of these crafts were operating during the time frames of all the above sightings.

The triangular shape of these military craft would for some part, provide explanations around the high proportion of Black Triangle UFO sightings however, it is noted that in the vast majority of sightings the observers noted the absence of any notable sounds emanating from the craft(s). Given even the advanced military technology of these aircraft, they would still be producing some audible sounds akin to jet propulsion engines which for the majority of sightings is not identified.

In summary, it is more than possible that there are some highly secret, earthly, black triangles gracing our skies.

However, there is a good argument that a proportion of these crafts posses many advanced characteristics in terms of speed and manoeuvrability which even by our current knowledge, would seem to surpass our technological threshold.

It is safe to conclude that as yet, no explanations have been provided to the general public of what these objects in our skies are and a there is a continually growing body of evidence, which eludes a rational explanation.

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